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Kulim International Airport (KXP) Car Rental


Frequently Asked Questions




Is There A Car Rental Company At Kulim Airport?

There are various types of small and large companies that provide Kulim International Airport (KXP) Car Rental services. Company with ENTERPRISE status until Travel & Tour SDN BHD status. Usually this car rental company will operate around the airport, train station, port and so on. This is where the public gathers to get transportation to their respective destinations.



What You Need To Know About Renting A Car In Malaysia?

As a tourist who comes and stops temporarily at Kulim airport, it is very important for him to know the location of his next stop. Must be complete with ID identification, valid international driving license, financial facilities @ credit card for payment and so on. If there are friends or acquaintances around Kulim, it is a bonus if something undesirable happens. Lastly having travel insurance is encouraged before booking at Kulim International Airport (KXP) Car Rental.



What Is The Rental Rate At Kulim Airport?

There are price differences for car rental ranging from compact size cars, sedans, MPVs to luxury rental cars. Car rental rates as low as RM100 per day. Most expensive between RM800 - RM1,000 a day.



Which Car Rental Model Is Most Popular At Kulim Airport?

For local users, renters will usually rent a Myvi Auto rental car. This car is rugged, comfortable for 4 -5 people and also saves fuel. Prices start from as low as RM120-150 a day depending on the type of model and also the year of release.



What is the Minimum Age of Rental Car Drivers Allowed at Kulim Airport?

The age of the driver for a rental car at Kulim International Airport (KXP) Car Rental services is 25 years and above. Below that is not allowed at all even if he is a valid licensee in his country of origin. This condition is for the benefit of both parties. Please read the attached policy carefully.



What Is The Cheapest Car Rental Company In Kulim Airport?

It will become a habit for rental car customers who will try to find a cheap rental car or the most ideal with the available budget. If there is more budget, will switch to a larger rental car that is more comfortable. At Kulim Airport, the car rental company that offers the cheapest and most affordable rental rates is DNZ ​​Car Rental which operates around Kulim Town. The rental price offered is as low as RM100 per day.



How Can I Get A Cheap Car Rental Booking At Kulim Airport?

Through this Kulim International Airport (KXP) Car Rental booking platform, customers will be able to differentiate the rental price for a similar model. There are 3-4 providers that have different daily rental rates. Some provide in the form of packages and so on. It is up to you to evaluate and choose which car rental provider you want.



Where Is The Best Place To Stay Around Kulim Airport?

Around Kulim Town, there are several types of comfortable places to stay at affordable prices, whether homestays, hotels and so on. Some offer overnight prices as low as RM100 per night. For car renters who want even cheaper rates, maybe they need to drive further, heading to the rural areas and they will find some accommodation facilities that are much cheaper than in Kulim Town. Car renters need to think about several factors in advance such as the distance to Kulim airport, time taken, general facilities and so on.



Do I Need Insurance To Rent A Car At Kulim Airport?

If you rent with our car rental providers, you are automatically covered by insurance in Malaysia. If you would like additional insurance, please inquire with our car rental supplier representative. Before confirming your rental car booking at Kulim Airport, please make sure you know the policies clearly stated.



Is My Travel Unlimited If I Rent A Car At Kulim Airport?

Yes. Please travel unlimited distance with our Kulim International Airport (KXP) Car Rental service. You can go anywhere in Malaysia without having to worry about additional costs. All our rental cars come with unlimited travel distance packages.



Is It Possible To Rent A Car One Way Only From Kulim Airport?

If you want to rent a car from Kulim Airport, and want to return it from a different place / area / location, it is possible but conditional. You have to pay an additional fee to allow your rental car provider to take back the rented car and bring it back to its original location of operation. The additional fee rate charged is based on the distance of the rental car location with the rental car center at Kulim Airport.



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